Rochelle Woven Burlap Linen Curtain Panel

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Drapery, our way

We are experts at avoiding the pitfalls of other drapes: shiny finishes, limited fabric options, and lightweight weaves. At Shop Decorator, our solution is a drape that is ethically-sourced and constructed, improves sleep with a unique blackout liner, and features a proprietary weave to maintain beauty and durability. Shop with us to ensure that your drapes do more than just shade your view.

Great for any space in your home

Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or any space in your home. Enhance your settings with our designer, luxurious, heavyweight modern drapery. Pair these curtains with matching throw pillows and bedding. See them >

Crafted to drape gracefully and last longer

Our advanced fabric adds a luxurious touch that makes these drapes hang firm and shed wrinkles. Our proprietary weave technology keeps these curtains looking great up to five years longer than other leading brands.

Save money, and the planet

Our heavyweight jacquard weave fabric diffuses temperature transfer between between the inside of your home and the outside. Save money and use less energy, better for your budget and the planet.

Improve your health and sleep better (with optional Triple Blackout Coating)

Reduce inflammation, stress and improve your memory in your sleep! Our proprietary, sustainably manufactured blackout drapes help you receive the health benefits of a good night sleep by blocking out 90% sun light and prevent 100% UV rays. Read more >

Ethically sourced and constructed

The cotton component of our fabric is 100% recycled. We're committed to ethical treatment of Earth and it's inhabitants. Our factories conform to the highest standards of eco and human friendliness.

  • Each panel sold separately
  • Woven of 80% Polyester, 20% Cotton
  • Room Darkening
  • Drapery rods and rings sold separately See them >
  • Machine or hand washable at the water temperature of below 86F. No bleaching. Low ironing.
  • Imported

Our unique jacquard woven, blended cotton fabric was engineered to look and feel fabulous and continue to look that way for years to come. They're stain-resistant and highly durable.

Boasting a heavier weight and room darkening qualities, Rochelle is an excellent drapery choice for style conscious living rooms and bedrooms. The versatile modern cotton blend panel is embellished with a burlap raffia texture weave pattern that catches the light and creates a subtle shimmer.

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